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The Garfield County Detention facility is located at 107 8th street in Glenwood Springs. It opened in December of 2001 as a state-of-the art facility with the capacity to house 204 inmates. The facility is designed to hold minimum, medium, and maximum classification prisoners.

The Detention facility holds male and female prisoners for the Sheriff’s Office and for all law enforcement agencies within Garfield County. The facility consists of 7 separate inmate living areas, 2 of which are direct supervision. In direct supervision, Deputies work inside the inmate living area. This enables them to more closely supervise the behavior of inmates, keeping negative behavior to a minimum and reducing tension.

While individuals are incarcerated, their medical care is the responsibility of the Detention center. The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office contracts with Correctional Healthcare Management to provide medical services in the detention center.

The Detention Division of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office maintains a staff of 70 employees. In addition to Detention Deputies, Control Technicians and Cooks, this number also includes specialized positions within the division such as Court Services and Classification.

At the Garfield County Detention Facility inmates are housed using the U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Corrections, Objective Jail Classification Point System. This objective point system helps determine where an inmate will be placed in our facility.The Garfield County Detention Facility currently has direct and indirect supervision pods to house inmates. The different classifications of these are Inmate Worker, Minimum, Medium, and Maximum as well as Special Needs and Medical Observation/Isolation.

Classification Deputies are responsible for classifying all inmates coming into the facility. Inmates are initially classified and placed using an interview form based on the Objective Jail Classification Point System. Multiple factors are assessed in this interview to determine if the inmate will be able to function properly in the housing unit they are placed into. The placement directly determines the amount of privileges that an inmate may receive. An inmate can progress to another housing area with more privileges or regress to a housing area with fewer privileges, based on their behavior during incarceration.

Inmates are continuously classified and re-classified while they are incarcerated on a thirty (30) day basis. The initial classification and the re-classifications help promote jail security and ensure inmate as well as staff safety.

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